Third day at Trishuli with success


Update : 30 April 2015,Trishuli

The Bhutanese Medical Team in Trishuli, Nuwakot is running on third day of  the rescue camp, exhausted but elated.

Patients are  being brought in steadily, keeping the team busy, although two other camps in the vicinity eased the pressure on the Bhutanese team to some extent.

Team Bhutan at work in Trishuli
Team Bhutan at work in Trishuli

Two  cases of successful treatment lifted the spirits of the team- a healthy baby girl was delivered with C-section by our team, at around 7:15 pm, after the mother was brought in with complications. Both mother and baby are safe.

A 2 year old girl, found near a forest next to the body of her pregnant mother, was brought in after being rescued after 5 days. She was placed in intensive care, and underwent wound debridement surgery, and, to the great relief of the team, is in a stable condition.

The team has been working with the spirit of helping those in need- characteristic of the Bhutanese cultural heritage;  forging an important connection with the people of our neighboring country, as well as the many visitors to the camp, who have observed and admired their work, or offered to work with our team for a while.

The team has also made use of their extensive experience from operating the Kidu Mobile Medical Unit to set up and operate camps at any location, and have enriched their own knowledge by their work in a disaster-struck zone.

Source: DeSsung Facebook page