Thinley plays another ploy


Kathmandu, April 2: Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, who came to Nepal to pay homage to late Girija Prasad Koirala on the 13th day of his death, this Thursday, said Bhutan was serious in resolving the Bhutanese issue.

Thinley interacts in Kathmandu/IP Adhikari
Thinley interacts in Kathmandu/Photo by IP Adhikari

“This is the problem that deserves a solution”, Thinley said, “Governments of both Bhutan and Nepal have given a top priority for this.”

He said there were several reasons due to which both countries were not be able to do much on this issue. “We’ll continue with our efforts to find a solution,” he added.

Thinley, who also met the Nepalese Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, and held discussions on the upcoming SAARC summit, climate change and the long-standing imbroglio, thanked the core-groups for resettling exiled Bhutanese, according to PM Nepal’s Foreign Advisor Rajan Bhattarai.

“We are thankful for eight countries in the core-group led by the United States of America for resettling people in camps on humanitarian grounds,” he said.

While in Nepal for a day private visit, Thinley met Koirala’s daughter, who is also Deputy Prime Minister cum Foreign Minister of Nepal, in Mandikatar.

He presented himself bold and courageous to comment on issue of exiled Bhutanese.

Also, with top priority major dailies today carried Thinley’s photograph with Indian yoga guru Ram Dev and Nepalese PM Nepal.

Nepal and Bhutan were unable to resume bilateral talks after Khudunabari incidence in 2004.


  1. There are certian things we have to learn from PM’s trip to Nepal. His diplomacy, bold face and ability to come and speak are well beyond many of our people,s head to realise. He came for one purpose but has spoken of the refugee issue. Why cannot some of the Exile Bhutane be breave to follow the path of same diplomacy. We know PM of Bhutan is smarterthan many expected but there will be some positive, if we learn some of his tricks of diplomacy as well.

    I know right aftetr this comment I will bombarded with negative comments, but no matter what we do, the last leg of olive branch with Bhutan, if it occurs in future, is the path of diplomacy.

    The choice is for exile media, experts and leaders who always do wish to appraoch with third party (HR, and press) about this issue rather than looking the means of negiotiation may have been one of the cause to restrict the refugee issue.

    For example why cannot one of the groups in resettled country invite Bhutan official, including PM to be the part of any celebration of resettlement.

  2. This is the Bhutan PM’s wickedness to fool the people around. He came to Nepal to convince the Nepal delegates not to speak about refugee problem in the coming SAARC meeting. He surely have taken lakhs of gifts to shut their mouth.He didnt come there to pay homage to late GPK. You cant understimate that bald head in politics.

  3. He is not a leader , he is a corrupted officials of BikREko Bhutan. We can’t invite those kHATEYS , DaKKaS IN ANY PARTS OF resettled countries. We now refreshing our new hopes n desires in good deeds. We can’t consider in any sense. JattRey ,harrU !!!

  4. Hijo aja , chamcha huney haru ko kam chhina. affu chup lagera basnu nai swastha ko lagi ramro ani faidha hunchha ,, . netha huney sapana nadekhnu hunna hami pidit Manchhey harru ko anurodh chha, Ferri pani tyo 18 barsha ko zindagi Nirman garney netha hru lai karbahi hunchha , Tysailey , afnu kam affai eklai ley garnu hola , mero anurodh chhha,!!!

  5. Parsu,
    since you have been trying to make a diplomatic difference, and I, for instance appreciate the works and activities you have been supporting in australia. why dont you start taking this intiative too, rather than trying to push to peoples heads the methodology of diplomacy. I second your idea. Mr. Jigme Thinley, a highly western-educated man who surely realizes the significance of some democratic and human values might perhaps be more accomodative with such proceedures. Common, persu!

  6. it’s sheer politics!!!
    I just wonder when PM says “problem deserving solution…and BOTH countries’ TOP priority”….then WHAT has stopped them from coming on table?
    If incidence as minor as Khudunabari 2004 has put them apart then just think if any bigger incidences occur during any re-started talks….! That may kill the time by another 20 years….
    The present trip was just to convince Nepal not to raise Refugee issue in the summit.
    This summit is the right place and time to discuss this issue in detail. For refugees, climate change issues becomes only second. Intl community may have understood.

  7. Thinley’s statement on Girija’s death was more than just a message of condolence. If you look through the thin veil of his message of condolence, Thinley’s statement was worded to express the general opinion in Bhutan about Nepal. Formal diplomacy apart, the Bhutanese rulers and perhaps all the Drukpa population of Bhutan loathe the Nepalese people and their government. Girija was one they hated most when he lived. Thinley’s satire and irony in this message could not be hidden when he said Bhutan looked to Girija as a great leader in South Asia.

    As regards the refugees, what more do we need, when we have the most racist Prime Minister. Jigme Thinley is the real architect of Bhutan’s ethnic cleansing policy. He is a hardcore who does the actual head work on how to sideline the southerners. Why were 80,000 Nepali speaking southerners disenfranchised in his democracy? Did he do anything about it after he was elected? Does he allow other southern MPs to bring up these matters in the Parliament?

    Intelligent Thinley is intelligently stupid as he cannot look beyond the narrow interests of his own community, even as he claims to be working for the betterment of the Bhutanese populace as a whole. He is looking for greatness, not in the actual minds and hearts of the Bhutanese villagers but in the narrow gullies of Thimphu. Both of his pet themes – the story of a Paradise besieged by “Nepalese illegal immigrants” and now the global marketing of GNH have been nurtured for export to foreign countries. Their relevance to Bhutan at best can be felt only from a great distance.

  8. Bhutan’s Government is an Indian PUPPET and so is Mr. Thinley. It’s useless to speak to this puppet as only children can play with it. Why should we be so hopeful with this guy in solving this problem? Before he speaks anything about refugees, he gives a glance to India. So just think about what Thinley can do.
    He is one of the worthless, notorious,and cruel guy from Bhutan. He can do nothing in solving this problem. If he can, let’s see. But as he is an Indian puppet, he can do nothing without India’s consent.