Thinley flies to Brazil to attend GNH conference


 Nov 18: Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley has left for Brazil to attend the much hyped conference on Gross National Happiness. The country is hosting firth international conference on GNH beginning November 20. 

Economic Affairs Minister Khandu Wangchuk accompanied the Prime Minister in the sojourn. In Brazil, PM Thinley is scheduled to make a keynote address at the conference.

The fourth conference was held in Thimphu last year. It is the first time that South America is holding conference on GNH.


  1. GNH, my foot. Bhutanese think they are the champions of Gross National Happiness while the people connected to the Royalty,four queens and so called elite people of Bhutan are getting richer,majority of poor who live in villages are living in less than a dollar a day. People might argue that GNH is not about money and wealth, of course it is for the poor people who don’t know where the next meal for their family will come from.

    Next time, if such conference takes place in the countries where Bhutanese refugees have been resettled we should make sure we put up a demonstration in front of the venue to show the World the very champion of GNH has made hundred thousand of its own people homeless.

  2. GNH is about people’s contentment and hapiness. Bhutan has never claimed that it is the champion of the GNH but is definately aiming towards that by banging on its four main pillers that i) Good governance, ii) intact natural environment, iii) rich cultural heritage and iv) equitable or balanced development, which is missing in most of the countries today. Material does not necessarily bring hapiness, for instance a simple farmer is more contended compared to the grumbling rich man……….

  3. the poorest people in bhutan is happy with what he has…. so from GNH’s point of view he is not poor. GNH doesn’t give money or make him rich rather GNH creates platform for happiness….
    Seeta, regarding the people displaced, those people were not chased away from bhutan. they left the country by their own wish after they revolted against the country… this is very important for all to know the truth.. bhutan never forced them to leave… it was their action that caused them to leave… they were once upon a time terrorist to bhutan which gave them everything….