Thinley delivers keynote in Tehran

The Prime Minister presenting his keynote address (Picture courtesy : Cabinet Secretariat)

Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley delivered his keynote address on the second day of the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

The Prime Minister presenting his keynote address (Picture courtesy : Cabinet Secretariat)

Presenting his keynote on September 1, PM Thinley said that lasting peace would prevail only when causes of conflicts become nonexistent in the world.

He said, “While peace may be understood as the absence of conflict, lasting peace is possible only when the very causes of conflict are nonexistent.”

Unfortunately, ours is a world where the causes for conflict abound with growing diversity and intensity not because they are inevitable but because we speak more of peace and care less for it, added he.

According to Thinley, there was now a serious search for a more comprehensive set of indicators that should guide development toward human wellbeing and happiness.

“My own country has been sharing its experience of having pursued Gross National Happiness (GNH), over four decades, by balancing material growth with mental and spiritual enrichment within a stable environment,” added he.


  1. The Bhutanese advocates of GNH and the preachers of peace miserably failed to measures the depth of smouldering dissatisfaction of the citizens waiting for suitable time to turn into fires .Thinley shamelessly starves goose and expects it to lay golden eggs -He himself has planted the seeds of cause of conflicts and hopes for the the fruits of peace . Shame Thinley !

  2. Sonam Tamang,

    Plez, remember “while pointing one finger to some one the rest fingers always pointing towards you”
    The violent demonstration with fire arm, destroying of schools/health centers, bridges , killing and kidnapping of innocent fellow citizens(who refused to join the violent movement) by the so called nepali leaders supported from across the border of India and Nepal compelled Royal Govt. to take strict action against the Anti National activities.
    My family is one of the victim of such crime committed by the Nepali leaders in Bhutan. My parents were forced to move out of Bhutan by the aggressive anti national elements, my 20 years old nephew was kidnapped by the armed group and forced to join armed training.

  3. K. S. Bardewa, my friend I am sorry to hear your personal story, but catalyst who were corrupted and conspired by Jigme Singye Wangchuck were the people to create those confusion.

    It is no other than the conspiracy of Jigme Singye Wangchuck(Your so called Royal Government) to pollute and to disturbed the peaceful movement of Bhutanese for equal rights and freedom inside Bhutan.

    My point is- if I am not willing to or interested to wear gho and kira, why I am compelled to wear it. Why I am fined, and why I am sentenced to prison? Why I am thrown out of the country? My mum and dad, both are bonafide Bhutanese, than, how what makes me illegal immigrant?

    These are few questions out of many, not only mine, but also from many young generation Bhutanese Refugee .
    Remember, you might be accompanied with armies holding gun filled with bullets, gun powder and bombs, but try be a real Bhutanese who has got no power, and you will feel the sentiments and the pain.

  4. Mr. Bardewa, don’t forget the real kidnappers, tortureres, rapists, looters and murderers who started these anti-national activities are Jigme Singye Wangchuk, Dago Tshering, Lakpa Dorji, Kipchu Namgel and Sonam Tobge who kidnapped Rizal and others from Nepal, who killed MB Chhetri in Samchi, who kidnapped Deo Sarma from Siliguri, India and a lot others from Assam. The peaceful protests and not armed as you said were launched after above people started terrorising innocent farmers, students, teachers, businessmen and civil servants. You should blame them and not the refugees and thier leaders.

  5. I hope nobody will vote for this person in the 2013 election. We should elect a better and liberal person. This man and Dago Tshering are responsible for dividing the Bhutanese society and creating miseries for Nepali speaking Lhotshampas. It is this person who porpagated only dzongkha speaking Westerners are Bhutanese who should rule the country of GNH and all other citizens should be treated like slaves and preached southerners are illegal immigrants.