Thinley tagged as ‘true humanitarian’

PM Thinley shows the KISS Humanitarian Award 2012 (Picture courtesy : KISS)

Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, who played a vital role in expelling over 100,000 citizens during late 1980s and early 1990s, has been recognized as “true humanitarian” by one of the Indian educational institutes in Odisha, Sunday.

PM Thinley shows the KISS Humanitarian Award 2012 (Picture courtesy : KISS)

In acknowledgement of his “vision for a beautiful world and concern for the humanity at large”, Odisha-based Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) conferred the KISS Humanitarian Award 2012 and honorary doctorate degree to PM Thinley amidst at a glittering ceremony attended by around 2,000 students and guests.

Anne F. Stenhammer, Regional Program Director, UN Women, South Asia Regional Office presented the award to Thinley, report Indian media.

Expressing his excitement, PM Thinley said he was deeply honored to receive the award as it has come from an institute that was successful in realizing its noble humanitarian visions of bringing coveted realm of higher and excellent education within the grasp of the deprived.

The KISS Humanitarian Award was instituted by Dr. Achyuta Samanta, noted social activist and Founder of KISS, the largest free residential tribal institute of the world, in 2008 to honor and recognize individuals with exceptionally high contribution to the society in various fields relating to social issues and who have distinguished themselves as true humanitarians.

The Prime Minister ended his four-day official visit to Odisha yesterday.

While in India, he also inaugurated statues of Lord Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava, and met Bhutanese scholars in India.


  1. Great, because of this kind of honour and respect,dictatior like him r encouraged to do inhuman activities in this world.KISS is simply encouraging to expel,toutur more nepali origin bhutanese,since more than 120000 r already got inhuman behaviour from them. i believe if he can expell n chase 100000 more nepali origin bhutanese from bhutan, KISS will recomand him for nobal peace prize for exceptional quality of ethnic cleasing.i hope the tears of 120000 bhutanese in exile will not sweep this garbage acknowledgement of KISS.

  2. It reminded me of the Indian Actor Amir Khan who describes the whole concept of presenting film awards to be an abysmal show that only tries to please rather than appreciate. Baraka laureate is one word that comes to my mind seeing JT going full spree with undeserving awards. The big smile he wears on his face is too full of UN-humanitarian turpitude. The institution which is supposed to hold principles and integrity high for human cause are blatantly biased and corrupt to recognise it. Shame!


  3. So sad and so bad. KISS honored a man with inhumane deeds with Humaniterian award. For JYT its just a boomerang.
    With all state mechanism and power in hand and taking advantage of his son’s nuptial relationship with King and royal family, JYT has topped the list in financial misuse and lead the race of land scam. Thus such a man is honored by KISS.

  4. The man who is accused by Bhutan’s Anti Corruption Commission of biggest land scam in country’s history. Bhutan’s GNH propaganda crack me up, the person who preach GNH all over the World is turns out to be the most corrupt man. He is all out to amass wealth. He along with two Queens, Jigme Singye’s wives grabbed the land from poor people of Gyalpoishing.
    This must be the biggest joke, the man who played the crucial role in evicting Southern Bhutanese and later stopping them from returning home receives humanitarian award. We should write to KISS in protest of the award.

  5. Some time award holds other meaning. I believe it is a big criticism and irony for Jigmi Y Thinley for which he should felt shamed on his act of ethnic cleansing done in Southern Bhutan.

    Other wise, a prestigious award is degrading its own value by being in the hand of wrong people.

  6. Cunning smile, dark in heart. Either the KISS is ignorant of inhuman atrocities committed by this man and his mentor Jigme Singhe Wangchuk and Dago Tsering or KISS got hefty donations from these people. He does not deserve this award because he thinks only Dzongkha spekaing are Bhutanese and others are illegal immigrants. KISS should immediately withdraw this award given to this cruel and heartless man.