‘The situation has transformed children’s minds’


This may surprise many readers, but it is a reality. Basudev Mishra, who holds a doctorate degree from India’s prestigious university, Sampurananda, has been teaching Nepali language to secondary level students in Tri-Ratna Secondary School for several years.

Dr Basudev Mishra

He has his own version of serving children, and says he is proud to polish young minds in the community than trying for better arenas outside the camp. As regards to degrading education standard in the camps, Dr Mishra held the compelling camp situation responsible of contributing towards the decline in education.

He said, “It is neither the faults of students, nor of the teachers. It is all due to the current situation that has transformed minds of our children.” Vidhyapati Mishra of the Bhutan News Service has talked to him in this aspect.


  1. I know critics like Namgyel are all around, who do nothing for society, neither support the contribution of other. People like Namgyel should learn to appreciate the contribution of public and fellow Bhutanese, rather than promoting single dynasty rule of Wangchuks inside Bhutan.

    We Bhutanese refugee are always proud to our volunteers and community leaders who serifed their energy, efforts, and education for the betterment of Bhutanese community inside Bhutan, in the camps, and around the globe.

    Simple living high thinking! Great video.

  2. I think i did and have been doing more service than Ramesh Tamang for the betterment of community; not to mention for the society. I never heard your name in the camp beside…smt…smt… Try to think and make a comment before you truly have the knowledge of the situation.

  3. Yes, I was very young when I was in camp. That is why you matured baby (Namgyel) haven’t heard my name.

    Namgyel, your comments clearly reflect how sloppy you are. You fool don’t know to credit other’s contribution, neither knows how to make a good arguments.

    I am shamed to know still some of our grown up fellow Bhutanese(like Namgyel) are immature and sloppy.