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The interesting ‘Moments’


A call from Atlanta, GA nearly made me trip while walking into the steps of a furniture store, in Falls Church city, VA that evening. It was a rare first time call from a number, I did not know. I reluctantly picked up the phone, not knowing who was on the other side. It did not take long to break the ice. A very gentle voice was greeting and introducing on the other end. “Daju, I am Mahesh Thulung from Georgia” he said. I accepted his greetings but did not know what to talk. Until then, I had not known Mahesh Bhai personally nor professionally. Thanks to this telephonic conversation – the process of knowing him closely has started now.

The conversation was short and straight. Mahesh Bhai was quite candid; he wanted to request if I could write a review for him. After Manoj, I was not looking to write another music review. So, I hesitatingly asked, “What do you have?” ‘Albums’ he responded, particularly my latest one – ‘Moments’.

The cover of the album. Source/facebook page of Thulung.

Now, I do not claim myself to be a great music listener. When ever I do, I find myself more inclined towards the  ‘Krantikari’ songs sung by our youths. But, then I realized with much pain that because of my fondness for songs of a particular genre, I have missed the other artists. Mahesh Bhai was one such upcoming artist who needed our appreciation. Bhutanese artists make the Bhutanese society proud. Through them our culture continues to live and grow. We have to make sure we believe in them. So, I consented to his request but asked for sometime to work on. I also asked for a copy of his CD.

Five days later, when I returned home from work, a FedEx parcel waited at my table. It was a copy of Mahesh Bhai’s ‘Moments’. I have never heard Mahesh Bhai sing on stage. Here was my chance. I plugged the CD into my car, the next day while on my way to work. Honestly, after listening to all the songs, I couldn’t say if I liked any of them. I found that some of his songs are a fusion of several flavors – something very unusual and may be unprecedented.

I kept plugging the CD as many times as I could. Then the beauty of the songs started to unfurl, then the magic happened. Suddenly, I started loving the songs. ‘Priyeshi Timro Yad Le Satau Chha Malai’ is a unique song. It soon became my favorite. Perhaps, I listened to it more than 40 times. Other songs like ‘Akashaima Chil Ho Ki Besara’ immediately reminds us of popular Nepali singer Sambhu Rai, whose songs used to absorb most of the radio frequency during the 80s and 90s. Mahesh Bhai is our Sambhu Rai. ‘Kina Nisthuri Banyou Timi’ is another beautiful song, I enjoyed listening. There are seven songs in the CD – most of them are good to listen to. In ‘Priyeshi Timro’ and ‘Kina Nisthuri’ the singer breaks away from traditional way of tuning but in ‘Akashaima’ he  proves that he can also be as traditional as it can be. Versatility is a great strength.

We realize that our artists are facing big challenges. We are in a wrong time and in a wrong place. Time – which is a great resource in the production of music is in huge shortage. Being new immigrants, sucked into the American life, music cannot be a priority. However, Bhutanese artists today exude more confidence and have expanded their professional talent to a pretty high level. That is good news when the Bhutanese Nepali music industry is still crawling and needs to grow more. Their continued efforts to hold the pieces together deserve our worthy applause. I only hope that their songs will reflect our current social reality more than romance.

It is also good to learn that Mahesh Bhai is an excellent composer and a musician. Born and raised in a family where music was just not a matter of individual interest; but very much a part of household culture; he too has a very good vocal, a firm dedication and a great mission at his arsenal. We wish him the best in his future endeavors. With almost half a dozen play back songs (sung for Nepali movies) and a couple of CDs to his credit, Mahesh Bhai seems to be prepared to walk the journey forward. His latest – ‘Moments’ has hit the market. I would recommend his CD to all.

(Editor’s note: If you want to reserve a copy of this album please correspond at: [email protected])


  1. Congratulations to Mahesh, one of my old friends and classmates for bringing up second album.This is not just an album but a very important asset to the Bhutanese Nepali Music. All the seven songs embedded in the MOMENTS are melodious and euphonic..meaningful lyrics and Mahesh’s typical vocal have made them simply perfect, still the Album hasn’t been so far that successful commercially due to time factor (as RP dai said).Another notable reason is the lack of proper publicity. The third but most important reason is that most of the the songs of MOMENTS were uploaded in the YOUTUBE and other video sharing sites way before their formal release…Its sad that people never realized the hardship that Mahesh came across while nurturing MOMENTS.

    Yet, its not too late. We can still promote MOMENTS together…

  2. Mahesh Bhai,
    congratulation!It is so true that it isn’t easy to survive the initial ‘culture shock’we the new immigrants go through but nevetheless there are those few special people who make it look easy and I would consider you in that category.Keep up the hard work dude

  3. It’s really great to read about the review by RP Subba. Mahesh Thulung, who has been a great friend of mine since long back, is a rare talent. Such gem should be protected and promoted so as to inspire and teach the music culture to the generations that are yet to come.

  4. Mahesh has a gift for music. He is quiet but when the subject of music comes up, he is immediately transformed. He was an excellent soccer player also. I love his music and I believe he has his fan page on Facebook. The least we can do is “like” it. He is such a source of inspitation for music aspirants.

  5. I too agree that music is the part of this family. They could survive to revive the music even in the drought of refugee camp and American opportunities will surely help them to blossom.
    Thulung has got really thrilling vocal, matured and clear. I think he acquired these skills more by practice and less by nature gift. Many inborn qualities make a person a good singer and I could see such things in Mahesh. He learnt many things of music but I don’t know whether he has formal education in this field. If not he should take some formal education to become an established person in this field.
    Good luck Mahesh Bhai. Go ahead and we are here for you.

  6. Congratulations and best Wishes Mahesh Dai,
    You are one of the real and shining star of Bhutanese communities who already proved by releasing two musical album.Which was really melodious keep it up we are always with you and your creation.
    Jiden Rai