Sponsors of ‘The Mission Pittsburgh’

The Bhutan News Service (BNS) is destined to begin a new journey of journalism. It will happen with inputs from you all.

BNS is not the ultimate source of information, but it is the only media to connect you with friends, relatives and your heritage. This national level training and workshop in Pittsburgh shall open a wider horizon of responsibilities for BNS and diversify areas to cover. It will also put BNS to test, as well as open an opportunity for more trainings, networking and ultimately link us to media in Bhutan.

BNS is pro-public and issue based in the nature of its journalism. We hope to hone this attribute with more participation of Bhutanese community in Diaspora and inside Bhutan through networking and discussion of the relevant issues.

The two-day–Oct 12 & 13, meeting in Pittsburgh will help to set a definite target for BNS thereby mapping out our future course. So, a humble, intellectual participation of thinkers and friends of BNS is encouraged. You should not hesitate to contact us in advance should you wish to attend the event.

$10 Monthly $100 Annually One Time Support

We also request friends of BNS, organizations and business entrepreneurs to sponsor the event. And, we thank those who have already donated to join the ‘Mission Pittsburgh’. Click above buttons to make an online donation to support the event financially. You might wanted to click the third one, one time support, if you decide to support just this event.

We are not yet a registered entity. However, we will be seriously looking into the possibility of getting it registered in the United States upon the completion of our upcoming program. The possibility of continuous existence of this media hub, since 2006, has simply been possible due to the contributions made by individuals, like you, and those affiliated with BNS.

Please contact the following individuals for any queries related to the ‘Mission Pittsburgh’. Click here to learn more about Bhutan News Service. We will blog the event LIVE. Stay tuned to BNS webpage during the event time.

TP Mishra
Outreach and Fund Raising Coordinator
First National Training and Workshop
[email protected]

Bhuwan Gautam
Fund Raising Assistant
First National Training and Workshop
[email protected]
Ph# 413 231 8363

Buddha Mani Dhakal
Bhutan News Service
[email protected]
Ph# 502-294-2048

Rup Pokhrel  & Tek Mishra
Event Managers
Bhutan News Service
Ph# 412-853-4906, 412-414-2656

Local Host
Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh
Contact Person
Kishor Pradhan, Chairperson
kpradhan[email protected]

List of Sponsors (LAST UPDATED on 10/11/13)   

  1. Parsu Sharma-Luital JP (Golden Donor), Australia — $503
  2. Jewish Family & Children’s Service (Golden Donor), Pittsburgh, PA — $500
  3. Doug Hall, NH — $100
  4. Khem Khadka, NC — $20
  5. Hasta Pradhan, NC — $50
  6. Thinley Penjore, MO — $50
  7. Dick B. Chhetri, CA — $100
  8. Om Dhungel, Australia — $100
  9. Ngana Subedi/Central Market, NC — $120
  10. Dillip Dahal/South Asian Market, GA — $201
  11. Hari Chamlagai, NC — $60
  12. Nanda Chuwan, PA — $50 
  13. Bhuwan Gautam (also, Fund Raiser for this event), MA — $101
  14. Guru Subedi, NH — $50
  15. Rajen Giri, CA — $100 
  16. Deepak Gajmer & Prakash Darnal/Himalayan production, LLC, GA — $250
  17. Rajiv Gurung/Gurung Bazaar, MO — $201 
  18. Dilip Mishra, AZ — $51
  19. DP Pradhan, NC — $101
  20. Bikash Baral, NC — $20 
  21. Tika Acharya, NH — $51
  22. Nirmal Guragai, KY — $21
  23. Dom Acharya, PA — $25

Our target was to raise $2500 (minimum) so that the minimal basic expenses be covered. We successfully raised $2825, which will allow us to do MORE to make the event a grand success that will push this media hub to a new height. A big shout-out and THANKS to all donors. Our donation drive is closed on 10/11/2013, 2PM (EST).