Teen girl swims to critical stage in AZ


A Bhutanese teen girl has been undergoing treatment under critical state after she drowned in the swimming pool located in her apartment complex in Phoenix here in Arizona.

According to family source, Purni Maya Tamang, 17, a tenth grader, was found drowned at the swimming pool yesterday evening when she along with her younger brother and other Bhutanese friends were swimming in the pool.

Purni’s younger brother, who first saw his sister drowned, pulled her out of pool with the help of neighbors prior informing the police for further assistance.

Her sister informed BNS that Purni Maya was found entirely unconscious with an inflated body when she was pulled out of the pool. It is not yet exactly known how she was drowned.

Sister and mother of Purni Maya further informed that when the police had reached the location, her skin had turned pale and that they immediately rushed her to St. Joseph Hospital.

Quoting her brother, who is escorting Purni Maya in the hospital, her sister said that Purni has been struggling critical state with the help of Oxygen under critical stage.

Permanent resident of Dagana district in Bhutan, the seven-member Tamang family moved to USA through resettlement program from Beldangi-I camp.

Reported by Nandita Khanal for BNS from Phoenix.