Teej, Janmastami in Melbourne, Sydney


The Bhutanese women of Melbourne organised Teej Puja on September 8 amidst various programs.

Women engage themselves in Puja in Melbourne
Women engage themselves in Puja in Melbourne

Around 100 women and girls observed the festival where youths and senior members of the community also contributed for the ceremony informed the organizer.

Meanwhile, the community also observed the Shri Krishna Janma Asthami at Senior Citizenship Club, Glenroy on August 28.

Organised by the senior members of the community, the day was celebrated with Puja, Bhajan, and religious funfares.

While, the Bhutanese Association in Victoria (BAV) also organized Panchami Puja that is the final part of Teej in Hindu culture.

The Bhutanese priest, Mitra Adhikari, inaugurated the Victoria program enchanting mantras supported by guru Naryan Adhikari, who has recently moved to Melbourne from Tasmania.

Bhutanese women celebrating Teej in Sydney
Bhutanese women celebrating Teej in Sydney

BNS Correspondent from Sydney reports that the community celebrated this year’s Teej festival on Sunday.

The event that begun from 11 am lasted until 5 pm, the organizer informed.

“Importance of celebrating festivals like Teej has doubled where in Australia,” said Damanta Kafle (Sapkota), the Female Coordinator of Association of Bhutanese in Australia (ABA) Sydney.

ABA Sydney organized the program coordinated by Ambika Dhungel.

(With inputs from Devi Ghimire in Melbourne, and Padam Kafle in Sydney)