Teej celebration continues


Teeja ko rahara aayo bari lai…. the song is evergreen and so is this women’s festival of gathering and socializing. Celebrations took place in all states, ranging from a small gathering to fanfare functions in open metro parks or booked halls.

Women celebrating Teej in Louisville, KY
Women celebrating Teej in Louisville, KY

Women dance to the nostalgic songs related to Teej, the time for all married and unmarried females to observe a day’s fasting and ending it with a puja on the fifth day of new moon.

In Louisville of Kentucky, women and girls gathered on Saturday in a hall of leasing property office at Finley Avenue. It was a good mix of all age groups including the male members who supported by organizing and transporting to the venue. It was an evening program, so many could come after work. Bhutanese Society of Kentucky organized the program.

In Pittsburgh, Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP), observed the Teej festival by organizing a cultural program at Clairton Park last Sunday.

The program entertained the community members by performing series of competitions and solo songs. Kishore Pradhan, the BCAP President, chaired the event.

Bidesh Dhakal from Aurora, IL reports that the community celebrated this year’s Teej festival by gathering in a park.

In Manchester of New Hampshire, Bhutanese community of NH organized Teej celebration on Sunday. Women and girls danced to traditional and modern songs related to Teej. Special was the sari wearing competition for young girls in which contestants Kusum Acharya, Maneesha Chhetri and Duka Dhakal ranked as first, second and third position.

Addressing the function Radhika Dhital, the chairperson of the program said, “We are busy throughout the year, but Teej is a reason to a take break from this busy schedule and reunite with family members”.

In Washington, a community puja and social gathering took place in Everett where around hundred women and young girls took to the floor on music of teej songs. Pundit Mukti Subedi coordinated the performance.

In Salt Lake City of Utah, Teej celebration was a grand event.

The Bhutanese refugees residing in Utah State observed Teez on September 7 with cultural dances, sangini, and songs, reports our correspondent.

The celebrations also marked honoring of the community volunteers, and high school graduates.

Mukti Bhurtel, the President of the Bhutanese Community in Utah chaired the event.

Speaking at the program, Bhurtel assured of celebrating the upcoming programs in a participatory manner and with improved sound system.

The Utah celebration also attempted to raise funds by demonstrating its activities through documentary video.

Back in Bhutan, Teej is not very special social celebration. Sisters married off to far flung villages try coming to the parental homes or homes of brothers, traditionally. Because of continuing monsoon, many could not make their way across swollen rivers. So most celebration was limited to private homes with few people gathering.