Takin lauds youth’s achievement


The Takin Association UK, community organizations run by a group of Bhutanese in the United Kingdom, has lauded achievements of youths in the community.

Kamalad Adhikari (right) receives the certificate after completing the 12-weeklong empowerment training (Picture courtesy : Takin Association UK)

According to its Secretary, Kashi Nath Pokharel, the Association is proud of a 12-weeklong ‘Step up – women empowerment training course’ attended by Maya Bajgai, Gaura Bajgai and Kamala Adhikari.

Provided by the Gender and Participation Unit and funded jointly by the European Social Fund and Skills Funding Agency, the training was aimed at confidence building and job haunt skills for new immigrants in the country, Pokharel said.

The recipients were awarded with the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) certificates.

“We at the Association would like to express our sincere gratitude to the organisations hosting and sponsoring this training, and we aim to participate in more courses in the future,” said Secretary Pokharel. “The Organization is very proud of the three participants and would like to congratulate them for the successful completion of this course.”


  1. Kudos to the participants and a standing ovation to Takin Association UK, who have shown resilience and a strong determination to come forward with ideas and innovation to overcome initial huddles and be adapted with the surrounding rather than trying to adapt the surrounding to their interests. And that is what we call integration. Gone are the days where women were treated but with contempt and disrespect. The greatest enemy of human progress is human being itself, and for that reason and only for that reason, please work selflessly and be inclusive. My wishes are always with you and also with the people who support our good cause.

    We should never think of our immediate benefit. We have half spent our lives, and it’s high time for us to imagine ourselves in the younger generations’ shoes and work towards building up a strong platform for them so that, when they need a ladder to ascend higher, one is already in front of them.

    I am sure more is coming from Takin Associan UK, and I am very glad that I am a small part of it. My utmost felicitation go to Manoj, who has masterminded the design of the association’s website and Nicole, who has tirelessly worked with Takin Association UK to help it stand tall. I’d also like to applause the contribution made by other members of the association, particularly those who have given a shape to the organisation.

    I’d like to finish my appreciation by quoting George Banard shaw “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man”. Let’s try to be the former rather than latter.

  2. Congratulation,
    You Guys done a great job, keeped it up ever, but don’t try to tweak the legs of other Bhutanese assemblages, organizations or religious Bhutanese organizations in the uk, being literate guys in the uk.

  3. I hope there is no backhanded compliments up above. If yes, guilty minds are always suspicious. Can’t help because everything looks yellow to a jaundiced eye. Thank you all for your time, feeling happy for our success and suggestions.

  4. Hi no name
    Thank you for your forthright comment highlighting my sincere service amidst the Bhutanese community in the UK. I am really happy because you are the only one to realize my painstaking service among our community in the UK. I am tremendously encouraged from your outspoken comment that I must help our people more than what I am bestowed upon right now. If similar opportunity knocks at your door, please do not just ignore it but be very opportune to serve like me so that other people will realize your work as a servant in the community. The present situation on the globe with the looming crisis of job, food, shelter, victims of war, etc; really demands the community servant rather than industrial and government servant for developing social capital and in a bottom up approach to build a sustainable community and neighbourhood. So let’s go hand in hand with my mission.
    I COULD NOT ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND THE OPENING PHRASE OF YOUR COMMENT. I THINK THE WORD DELIBERATE IS IMPROPERLY USED AND HAS MADE THE PHRASE SENSELESS. I WILL BE GLAD TO READ THE SENSIBLE SENTENCE. YOU KNOW COMMA (,) KILLS A MAN. If you mean to say I am not a Secretary, you are still right because I cannot represent as a secretary to all the Bhutanese organisations. I am the nominated secretary of Takin Association UK only.
    By Kashi Pokhrel
    Takin Association UK

  5. Hi no name
    I have already mentioned in my earlier comment that I am the servant of my association committed for the welfare of our community, Takin Association . I think you didn’t understand my language and kept on shooting the same comment again and again. Let me tell you in simple, that you tried your best to come to the limelight from the beginning but all your efforts have been criticised by majority of our Bhutanese including your immediate neighbour (I believe you are in good terms now). Organization wise, your moral was reasonably questioned many times and the repercussion of the latest event under your initiation has been agreed by everyone that it was a great failure of your organization too. If you want to improve some areas of your life preach what you practice, otherwise it will be difficult for you to emerge out of the self imposed cocoon. All the best.
    By Kashi

  6. Hi there
    I dont think you guys, esp Kashi, who is the gen sec of TA, should keep answering individual comments, particularly those that are nonsense or very badly written. That shows you guys are yet to mature in terms of dealing with issues in the interest of the association.
    I can see some very good comments by a lot of other people, why only thank one (gen sec’s comments above)? What do you think other well wishes of yours think? I also dont like the way people use sir or dasho or such other titles. the same old ‘khush khori’ or ‘bhai chara’ style.
    I can see some good progress you guys are making, dont spoil it by such silly moves. good luck, and the bhutanese in the wider world would like to see TA taking steps towards uniting and uplifting the community and not running after some silly comments- that proves nothing. u know the haati and dog ukhan!!
    Good luck

  7. Dear All
    Having read Bhutani’s comment (February 10, 2013), I thought I will not write any more comment on this article but just to clarify some confusion to our valued readers I am posting this last comment on this article. Any one wishing to contact me are more than welcome to call me at my mobile number 447448360416 /447909468812. It is because NO NAME in his earlier comment changed his profile as Kashi Pokhrel (which is me) for the comment he posted on February 9, 2013 at 5. 24pm. It could be due to the fact that he could not defend my unvarnished truth and continued to experience lot of criticism and difficulties. He made a complete fool of himself in front of everyone in trying to make others believe something which isn’t true. On top of submitting the above glorifying article for publication in the media, any one can visit Takin Association UK website and find out who is Kashi Pokherel and his designated role in the association. I never knew that some one can post comment on other’s name and avoid the innocent from protecting their real identity. If this horrendous business is allowed to continue then we cannot think of internet threat to personal security coming to an end or put into the driving seat. For the sake of maintaining personal security and avoid hacking others ID, I would like BNS to create a mechanism to identify the authenticity of the person posting the comments in the media. Otherwise, any miscreant can post junk comments in others name and defame the prestigious authoritarian person too. I have also written a separate mail to BNS to delete the comment posted by disguised Kashi Pokhrel on February 9, 2013 which reads “ I never think that think that before and thanks for your suggestions i m gonna leave stupid members of takin association.” Thank you everyone.
    Kashi Pokhrel