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Tags Yam Kharel

Tag: Yam Kharel

OBCA unveils various projects

The Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) unveiled its three afore-announced projects amidst a function in Atlanta, GA on Sunday. According yo Yam Kharel,...

ABA-OBCA unification is a must: Kharel

Several members from both the organization [OBCA and ABA] including myself are of the opinion that unification is a must. OBCA-ABA had a couple of rounds of dialogue. There has been a noticeable gap since the last dialogue for some reason. I can’t say what exactly is in the way of unification, but I guess it is the name. I know it might be less likely for one organization (any) to merge into the other but we really need to work to an avenue where we still can preserve the history and identity of our organization even after the unification. We have been hearing the echoes of people for unification, and if we don’t unify, we are ignoring the public voices. ABA-OBCA unification definitely leads the Bhutanese in America to a world of advantages. In short, let me repeat, ABA-OBCA unification is a must and demand of the time.

Pre & post resettlement talk

There is a conversation between Indra Adhikari, President of APFA-Bhutan, and Parangkush Subedi in the first part. Adhikar was in IOM transit, Kathmandu for...

Episode 13 : American traffic system

Suman Rai from Beldangi-I presents Saranarthi Vitrako Saranarthi followed by Bhutan Coverage of Ichha Poudel. In the second part, you can listen to Yam...
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