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BAG’s Dashain concert in Atlanta

Bhutanese Artists of Georgia (BAG) organized a Bhutanese Artists Live Concert 2011’ on the occasion of Dashain and Tihar at Clarkston Community Center on...

The tale of political discrimation

BY DHRUVA MISHRA: Political discrimination and ethnic victimization by the Bhutanese feudal system is not new. In fact, the rulers so cleverly formulate the laws and statutes that criticism of government policies is automatically prohibited. The rise of people’s voice has always given them fear and insecurity and put their ambitions at stake. From the arrest of Tek Nath Rizal in 1988, to the recent arrest and imprisonment of Prem Singh Gurung, a Christian activist; incidences of arrests and inhuman treatment to the minorities in Bhutan, on the basis of political or religious beliefs, has remained routine. Gurung was arrested for screening movies on Christianity and has been sentenced to three years’ in prison by a District Court; on charges of attempting to promote a civil unrest [...]

Punya Foundation comes to light, programs announced

With a slogan ‘Justice Seeking through Education and Empowerment,’ Punya Foundation has been officially announced today to recognize the sacrifices of Bhutanese martyrs. Foundation’s chairman,...

Unbecoming a Refugee

Karna had been trafficked to Malaysia, sent to work at a factory. The compound was all inclusive, complete with a bunkhouse, cafeteria, and store, but the workers weren't permitted to leave. Karna struggled to adjust in this new environment, where people were speaking Malay, Tamil, Bengali, and a little Hindi, but no Nepali. After more than a year, Karna negotiated his way out with one of the bosses and immediately looked up the UNHCR office in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. They reviewed his documents and called their counterparts in Nepal. His story was confirmed and Karna was soon on a plane back to his family and his hut in Beldangi I.

Vermont GNH conference sees dark side

A group of some ex-refugees from Bhutan participated in the first Gross Hational Happiness (GNH) conference held in Burlington,Vermont of the US from...
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