Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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UNHCR welcomes aid of Rs 330 m from European Commission

The European Commission and UNHCR concluded an agreement recently under which the Commission will contribute EURO 2,950,000 (equivalent to NPR 330 million) to UNHCR's...

58,000 plus Bhutanese resettled; camp popn. falls below half

Altogether 58,412 exiled Bhutanese from various refugee camps of Jhapa and Morang have left for different countries under the ongoing third country resettlement program...

Community leaders highlight various issues in Refugee Congress

Bhutanese community leaders participating in a four day Consultative and Refugee Congress conference organized by the Department of Health and Human Service, Office of Refugee...

Just 10,000 refugees by mid-2015

I would like to start with two very big “Thank yous”. The first one addressed to the government of Nepal and the host communities in Jhapa and Morang districts who have welcomed, in a very generous manner, and for 20 years, the refugees from Bhutan. Even when there is substantive contribution and unrestricted support from the international community, hosting refugees has a cost for the country and the local communities. It has a cost on the environment, on the infrastructure and social services, and more generally on resources which are limited and not renewable [...]

Luital highlights BR issues in Geneva

In the first part, you can listen to an interview with Parsu Luital who has reached to the Netherlands after participating in UNHCR high-level...

Protest from local community in Goldhap camp

There is a update of ongoing protest by local community at Goldhap camp followed by exclusive talk with Shanta Upreti of the agitating group.

Govt, UN prepare to consolidate camps ; Just two camps to exist after 2012

The Government of Nepal, in coordination with UN refugee agency, has decided to ´consolidate´ seven Bhutanese refugee camps into two within the next two...

First round of CMC elections over; elections for major posts on Friday

The first round of Camp Management Committee (CMC) elections in all seven camps ended on Thursday peacefully. According to reports from camps, today's election witnessed...

UNHCR assures ration for deprived refugees through interim provision

The United Nations in High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has assured all seven Camp Secretaries of the camps that it would provide ration to...

Can we stop suicide?

My sister Menuka committed suicide in less than a couple of months since she had arrived Arizona with parents and youngest sister through resettlement program. When I heard the news for the first time, it was told that both my parents including the youngest sister were in unconscious state due to the tragic incident. Some of them were rushed to hospital too; thanks to better medication system here in the USA. The reason, now I guess, might be because I was still back in camps. I was and am still a responsible son, brother, to my family members for they completely depend on me. My other two sisters (both younger to me) were still in camps at a time when the tragedy took an otherwise turn in my new home in Arizona. Besides the worry about the condition of my parents and little sister in Arizona, I equally had the challenge to convince two other sisters who were still in camps.
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