Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Tag: Tez Mishra

‘The Busy Tag’

The resettled folks carry a “busy tag” in the minds of the people in the camps. Well! Let’s look at the reality here. Most people are truly busy. Those who have passed grade 12 and are still pursuing higher studies, for instance, have to attend college as well as do jobs. A girl going to a community college have three things to accomplish by any means, almost everyday- attend classes, go for the job, and finish the school assignment. So, it’s true that she remains busy. Well, I did the same thing while in Nepal. I went to my college regularly, had a job, and used to have quite a lot of assignments. But I worked one hour a day and that was sufficient for me. And even if I lose my job, I had a handful of brothers to pay for my studies, and I never contributed to household expenses.
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