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Hindu Activities May Reduce Suicide Cases

Bhutanese refugees in the US have almost double the suicide rate than the national average. This has surprised the service providers, research institutions, and...

A resettled man killed himself in Cincinnati

Padam Lal  Neopaney, aged approximately 48, is said to have finished the self in Cincinnati, Sunday, 20th April. BNS learned from unconfirmed source that he...

‘Patrakar Bajhe’ ended his life in Concord, NH

Ram Bahadur Gurung, 73, popularly known as “Patrakar Bajhe” originally from Dagapela Bhutan ended his life himself yesterday in his rented apartment in Concord,...

Yet another takes his own life

Madhu Kadel, 27, a former Bhutanese refugee committed suicide this Saturday. According to Kiran Pele, a member of the Bhutanese Nepali Community of Rochester (BNCR),...

One kills self in KY; Another suicide-attempt survivor dies in NY

Ram Bahadur Thapa's funeral is slated for Saturday at 5 p.m. after his dead body is returned from postmortem. Thapa in his 40s hung...

Can we stop suicide?

My sister Menuka committed suicide in less than a couple of months since she had arrived Arizona with parents and youngest sister through resettlement program. When I heard the news for the first time, it was told that both my parents including the youngest sister were in unconscious state due to the tragic incident. Some of them were rushed to hospital too; thanks to better medication system here in the USA. The reason, now I guess, might be because I was still back in camps. I was and am still a responsible son, brother, to my family members for they completely depend on me. My other two sisters (both younger to me) were still in camps at a time when the tragedy took an otherwise turn in my new home in Arizona. Besides the worry about the condition of my parents and little sister in Arizona, I equally had the challenge to convince two other sisters who were still in camps.

Support urged, funeral rites on Tuesday

The funeral processing of late Menuka Poudel, who recently committed suicide in Arizona, is scheduled for this Tuesday in a nearby funeral home. Our correspondents...
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