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Tags Subash Acharya

Tag: Subash Acharya

NH community supports Arun Rai

Resettled Bhutanese from New Hampshire have contributed US $ 383 for supporting medical expenses of social activist Arun Rai. It is learnt that Subash Acharya...

A refugee camp divided

Subash Archaya thought he had escaped persecution for good when he left southern Bhutan in the early 1990's. Harassed by the government and threatened by police, he joined the growing population of ethnically-Nepali Bhutanese citizens fleeing to refugee camps in eastern Nepal. After 18 years of living in exile, Archaya says the same types of threats that drove him to leave Bhutan have surfaced again, but this time they are from his fellow refugees. "It started with texts," he explains, holding up a mobile phone in the dim light of his hut. "Plz donot try 2 share these 2 police," the screen reads. Through several anonymous messages, Archaya
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