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Tags Struggle against injustice

Tag: struggle against injustice

‘The struggle against injustice’

Manoj devotes an entire song paying tribute to the fallen heroes of our movement beginning from Mahasur Chhetri to RK Budathoki. At the end of the song, he also mentions about martyr Man Bahadur Chhetri and a passionate activist of the Sarchhop community, Cheku Dukpa. Manoj dissects southern Bhutanese history and narrates the events in chronological timeline; with such simplicity and placidity that an entire history is revealed into your ears as music. No wonder, this is his ‘core’ song. The song offers glimpses of our society in historical perspective and is an example of the glaring pitfalls of a dysfunctional system that played pranks with the lives of its own citizens. Above all, his songs are a real tribute to the fighters of democracy and human rights in Bhutan; they are also a clarion call to the others to wake up in the struggle against injustice. I would recommend his CD to everyone.
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