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Tag: Stéphane Jaquemet

Just 10,000 refugees by mid-2015

I would like to start with two very big “Thank yous”. The first one addressed to the government of Nepal and the host communities in Jhapa and Morang districts who have welcomed, in a very generous manner, and for 20 years, the refugees from Bhutan. Even when there is substantive contribution and unrestricted support from the international community, hosting refugees has a cost for the country and the local communities. It has a cost on the environment, on the infrastructure and social services, and more generally on resources which are limited and not renewable [...]

UNHCR assures ration for deprived refugees through interim provision

The United Nations in High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has assured all seven Camp Secretaries of the camps that it would provide ration to...

40,000th Bhutanese departs for America

The 40,000th exiled Bhutanese to opt the third country resettlement program  departed for the United States of America Monday evening. Devi Maya displays...

First group of Bhutanese depart Nepal for United Kingdom

Including 19 women, thirty seven exiled Bhutanese destined for the United Kingdom (UK) departed from Nepal under the third country resettlement program on Monday. Now, the UK has now formally joined the 'core group' of eight resettling countries by accepting to offer resettlement for 100 refugees

Exclusive with UNHCR Nepal’s Representative

The Country Representative of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees , Stephane Jaquemet, who has been serving Nepal's office from mid January 2010, has...

CDO asks to withdraw sit-in protest, assured registration

Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yadav Prasad Koirala, Monday asked all the agitation Bhutanese to end up their ongoing relay hunger strike. Koirala requested a...

UNHCR Nepal gets new chief

Kathmandu, Jan 13:  The newly appointed United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representative in Nepal, Stéphane Jaquemet, presented the Letter of Credentials to the...
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