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Rights activist whereabouts remains mystery

The Royal Bhutan Army reportedly arrested an exile-based human rights activist who went missing mysteriously on October 16 from West Bengal, India. According to SB...

Democracy With a Rider

After the southern Bhutanese problem in 1990 and demand of Democracy and Human Rights emanated from the discriminatory ethnic cleansing policy of the Royal...

HUROB, BRRRC worried over worsening health of hunger strikers

The Human Rights Organization of Bhutan (HUROB) has expressed worry over the deteriorating heath conditions of exiled Bhutanese women, who have been undergoing fast-unto-death...

SAARC countries urged to address refugee issue

The Bhutan Peoples' Party (BPP) has asked the Government of Nepal to table the long-stand Bhutanese refugee imbroglio as common agenda in the upcoming...

HUROB felicitates King

Thursday, October 13, in Bhutan, is going to be a day of significance—it is the wedding day of the world’s youngest King, Jigme Khesar...

In the Country of GNH

BY S. B. SUBBA: The Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley speaks of equity and just in his every addresses. But, his ruthless treatment with injustice and unfair social welfare to the laborers who are in fact the back bone of the infrastructural developments could be easily interpreted. When the salary of the government employees and the MPs were revised two times in the span of three years, the wage of the laborers remained stagnant to Rs. 100 per day with hard labour from 7 am till 5pm. Although the labour Act 2007 enacted probably sans economic welfare as if the escalating price does not affect the poor. The constitution says that Bhutan is a secular country and the king is the custodian of all the religions. The Buddhist philosophy and principles of respect, tolerance and co-existence is the fundamental guiding factor and pivot that GNH revolves on [...]

Condition of Lhotsampa unknown after arrest by RBA

The Human Rights Organisation of Bhutan (HUROB) has called on human rights defenders to ask the Government of Bhutan to disclose the whereabouts of...
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