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World Refugee Day: What Can We Do?

Today is World Refugee Day, a time for me to reflect on how I, along with thousands of others once lived miserable lives in...

Should the History of Persecution be Forgotten?

Members of the resettled Bhutanese community recently witnessed a surge of social media engagement on a matter of their joint and several concerns, the...

Nepal urged to register ex-political prisoners

Adelaide, Jan 4: Bhutanese Australian community living in South Australia have appealed the Government of Nepal for taking steps in registering people who were...

BMS distributes Rs 1 m plus for fire victims; thanks all donors as it makes historic collection

Bhutan Media Society (BMS) said it distributed Rs 1,162,676 (equivalent US $ 16,610) that it collected through the online donation drive to fire victims of Goldhap and Sanischare refugee camps of Jhapa and Morang districts. Of this, Goldhap camp received Rs 788,040 and those of Sanischare camp Rs 349,860.(Camp-wise figure) BMS volunteers cross check names of fire victims in Goldhap camps Distributed in three different phases in Goldhap, Sanischare and Beldangi-II (for those shifted from Goldhap) [...]

In the Country of GNH

BY S. B. SUBBA: The Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley speaks of equity and just in his every addresses. But, his ruthless treatment with injustice and unfair social welfare to the laborers who are in fact the back bone of the infrastructural developments could be easily interpreted. When the salary of the government employees and the MPs were revised two times in the span of three years, the wage of the laborers remained stagnant to Rs. 100 per day with hard labour from 7 am till 5pm. Although the labour Act 2007 enacted probably sans economic welfare as if the escalating price does not affect the poor. The constitution says that Bhutan is a secular country and the king is the custodian of all the religions. The Buddhist philosophy and principles of respect, tolerance and co-existence is the fundamental guiding factor and pivot that GNH revolves on [...]

UNHCR assures ration for deprived refugees through interim provision

The United Nations in High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has assured all seven Camp Secretaries of the camps that it would provide ration to...

Bhutanese launch worldwide call to release prisoners

Bhutanese living in various regions of the western countries have launched a worldwide campaign coinciding 62nd International Human Rights Day to help free Bhutanese...

Bhutan in Real Sense

Very desperately, we have to say that mainly India and the western world persuaded king Jigme assuming his steps as sacrifice to the people of Bhutan. The western world might have taken king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as a role model. But, king Jigme and Bhutan can’t be compared with such a Middle East power block in politico-economic terms. Bhutan remained aloof for dozen of decades from the outer world and so was the political structure, economic activities, civic life and issues of government-citizen relations. For decades, the kingdom home to only six hundred thousand people, has been the adobe of interest by social scientists, independent journalists and even the natural scientists.

UML chief stresses for peaceful movement

Chairman of CPN-UML, Jhala Nath Khanal, on Wednesday opined that exiled Bhutanese should try to fight for their repatriation and democracy through peaceful means...

Episode 14 : Talking about Bel-I fire

Tilak Niraula presents a report followed by conversation with Harka Rai in the first part. There is a short talk with camp secretary TB...
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