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Dr. Kamal Gautam’s journey into medicine

I was born in Maneydara, a small village in Samtse district in southwestern Bhutan. Throughout my school education, I always maintained highest level of...

We are all neighbors: Photographer documents history of new Ohioans

When immigrants flocked to the United States over a hundred years ago, their first point of entry was Ellis Island in New York. That history...

No Longer Confined

I was born in Sanischare Refugee Camp in 1998. My parent’s families arrived in Nepal in 1992, though my dad left in 1990 and...

Momos as cultural ambassador: Subedi’s food truck about to roll

Not very long ago, the average meal in Charlotte, North Carolina was likely to center around fare traditional to the southern region of the...

When Beatings Become Routine…

In the prison, Captain Tandin and Captain Ugey took away all my clothing and started charging ruthlessly with wooden baton. Next, they started to beat on the soles of my feet. At first, I screamed in agony. Due to nonstop beating, I began to lose the sense of touch. My entire body started swelling up and nerves began to numb. Slowly, I began to lose my sense of place and time. They stopped beating. One of the officers leaned towards me and said, “Tomorrow, I am meeting the King and what do you think I should tell him for the resolution of the problem?”

Unbecoming a Refugee

Karna had been trafficked to Malaysia, sent to work at a factory. The compound was all inclusive, complete with a bunkhouse, cafeteria, and store, but the workers weren't permitted to leave. Karna struggled to adjust in this new environment, where people were speaking Malay, Tamil, Bengali, and a little Hindi, but no Nepali. After more than a year, Karna negotiated his way out with one of the bosses and immediately looked up the UNHCR office in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. They reviewed his documents and called their counterparts in Nepal. His story was confirmed and Karna was soon on a plane back to his family and his hut in Beldangi I.

Puran kicks off in New Zealand

A three-day shrimad bhagawat purana recitation has begun at a 43 Moheke Avenue, Palmerston North, New Zealand at the initiation of Bhutanese...
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