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Tag: political prisoners

Dead or still alive?

The letter has asked Khadka and the exiled community to raise concern over the deteriorating health of 61-year-old N.L. Katwal, a senior leader of the Bhutan Gorkha National Liberation Front. According to the letter dated November 12, Katwal was reportedly undergoing fast-unto-death since October 17. The family source claimed he has been demanding unconditional release of all political prisoners. "He has been fasting-to-death since 27 days. We are worried about his deteriorating health. He has lost almost 10 kilogram of the body weight," reads the prison letter, which Khadka received this week through one of the ICRC visitors. The letter also claims that the government was silent towards the protest inside the jail. Interestingly, the UN agencies in the capital city and media operating within the country have all remained mum over this issue [...]

Bhutanese launch worldwide call to release prisoners

Bhutanese living in various regions of the western countries have launched a worldwide campaign coinciding 62nd International Human Rights Day to help free Bhutanese...
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