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Tags National Day of Bhutan

Tag: National Day of Bhutan

Serving Bhutan with full dedication & integrity

On the occasion of the 105th National Day, it gives me much happiness to address our People of the 20 dzongkhags. This National Day is...

104th National Day marked in camps

At least a few hundreds of exiled Bhutanese were present Saturday in Beldangi-II camp to mark the 104th National Day of Bhutan, recalling the...

Southern Bhutanese aren’t people of Nepal

I have often heard that some of our Southern Bhutanese people do not consider themselves as true Bhutanese. Those of you, who think this cannot be true Bhutanese because our people of Southern Bhutanese are not people of Nepal nor are you Indians from Kalimpong and Darjeeling. But, there is a great difference and that difference is because you all are people of the Pelden Drukpa. All of us are like one family. From tomorrow onwards we will be holding developmental meetings and I will be meeting your representatives and mandals. I would like you to know that as far as the development of Southern Bhutan is concerned in the field of animal husbandry, agriculture, schools, hospitals, cash crops and overall
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