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Tags Media freedom in Bhutan

Tag: media freedom in Bhutan

Dhakal replaces Mishra in BNS editorial team

Buddha Mani Dhakal has been appointed as new Chief Editor of the Bhutan News Service after T.P.Mishra tendered his resignation from the post. Issuing a...

I am hopeful that the stories will come out in time: Lisa Napoli

Actually, the subtitle is what I learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth. Anyone who reads the book learns the irony in the title pretty quickly. What did I learn? Well, enough that I wrote a book about it, so it's a little hard to distill in three lines in a questionnaire. But simply, it's that: The world does not revolve around you; the world is a very big, very complicated place and we can all help one another; that when you reach mid-life, as I had, and are wondering how you can grow old gracefully and with purpose, you can re-direct your energies to do meaningful work. Being in Bhutan also re-enforced for me how fortunate I had been in my life and in my work.

BNS activities: looking back and forth

Following the offer of third country resettlement program, even BNS team members had to agree to a dispersed living across the world, within the parameters set by resettling countries. It is perhaps, what we like to call, a ‘choice from a choice-less choice’. As you all do, we are also struggling for both personal and family’s existence in the new setting. Nonetheless, we are truly committed towards devoting our time to safeguarding your right to information through the steady existence of BNS. Of late, we started to fear that we might have to lose emerging writers due to our inability to remunerate their efforts.
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