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Tag: lakshmi dhakal

Open letter to Nepalese Prime Minister

To, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Prime Minister of Nepal, Singha Durwar, Kathmandu, Nepal Subject: Investigate the torture of Jit Bahadur Subba and bring the perpetrators under justice Your Excellency, Jit Bahadur Subba,...

Keeping eroding history alive

At a time when Nepal that has failed to convince Bhutan to accept its citizens back home or internationalise the refugee imbroglio even after two decades, is trying to depopulate exiled Bhutanese from the UN-monitored camps, a few dedicated exiled Bhutanese including the camp secretaries and septuagenarian medical doctor Bhampa Rai are struggling to install a Bhutanese museum in Nepal. Being planned to set up in either Sanischare or one of the Beldangi camps, the museum aims to preserve culture, identity and history of the Bhutanese citizens in exile. Like Adhikari political analyst R.P.Subba, who is based in Virginia (USA), comments that museum, as a concept, is extraordinary. "If this idea would materialize, it will keep our eroding history alive. It will definitely give a space, a space to think and internalise our tragedy in days to come - to us, younger generation and to the world as whole." [...]

BCN elects new executives

The Bhutanese Community in Netherlands (BCN) has conducted election of its executive body amidst a cultural function to mark the organization's second anniversary on...

BCN organises art competition

The Bhutanese Community in the Netherlands (BCN) organized an art competition parallel to its second general assembly on  September19, 2010 in Amsterdam. Issuing a press...

Fire aid to sympathize victims

Representatives of Bhutan Media Society (BMS) and camp management committee distributed cash donations to fire victims here. Following the online appeal from BMS, Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands contributed 150 Euros for the fire victims, while Tek Nath Mishra from California and family of a former camp secretary Manorath Khanal from Arizona contributed US $40
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