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BCS marks Dashain with various programs

The Bhutanese Community of Syracuse (BCS) has marked this year's Vijaya Dashami with various programs, including a nine day Durga Puja celebration and a...

Towards building a community

At the start of his resettlement process back in 2008, Jai Subedi would not have apprehended that his young brain will have to shoulder so many responsibilities. However, after his arrival in Syracuse, NY two years ago, he has hardly taken rest—be it at his office or at home-or taken any vacation. With the responsibility of Case Manager, Jai has been able to assist the refugees apply for Food Stamp, bring them to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to obtain their state ID card, assist them apply for Social Security Card, and even bring them to the doctor's appointment. Along with shouldering such major responsibilities, Jai is often seen among the community members, after the work hours reading and explaining the whole bunch of letters or utility bills. Equally, he is seen among the youngsters teaching and playing with them the games and sports, which he considers to be in his blood.

BMS elects new executives

Following an election of new executives, three separate media entities have come up to work under same platform of Bhutan Media Society (BMS) and...

EC set to hold local government elections

The election commission (EC) has eventually decided to hold the first-ever local government elections as it fixed the poll day for June 27. The election...

Living with the American liver

Undoubtedly, the third country resettlement program has added joys to majority of the Bhutanese refugees resettled in various developed countries. As resettled refugees enrich themselves in the country of resettlement, many of their friends and relatives back in camps in Nepal still fear to opt for the resettlement package. Veteran DK Karki, who demonstrated his political caliber in the early stage of camp settlement in Nepal as an active cadre of the Bhutan People's Party was never willing to leave camp to settle in western countries. When most of his contemporary friends involved in the party-politics in exile vanished one after the other grasping such opportunities in various occasions, Karki remained rigid with the opinion that Nepal would be the best place to fight against the Bhutanese suppression [...]

BNS activities: looking back and forth

Following the offer of third country resettlement program, even BNS team members had to agree to a dispersed living across the world, within the parameters set by resettling countries. It is perhaps, what we like to call, a ‘choice from a choice-less choice’. As you all do, we are also struggling for both personal and family’s existence in the new setting. Nonetheless, we are truly committed towards devoting our time to safeguarding your right to information through the steady existence of BNS. Of late, we started to fear that we might have to lose emerging writers due to our inability to remunerate their efforts.
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