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Tag: Jigmi Y Thinely

Thinley’s verbal assurance will remain as it is : Paudyal

Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinely, who paid his three-day visit to Nepal as SAARC chairperson, said Bhutanese refugees in the UN-monitored camps of Jhapa and Morang were refugees, but not Bhutanese refugees. Organizing a press meet in Kathmandu on Saturday PM Thinely said, "They are economic refugees. They are environmental refugees. They are refugees of political instability. They are victims of circumstances that are beyond their control." As he wrapped up his visit, Vidhyapati Mishra of Bhutan News Service talked to Bhutan Peoples' Party President, Balaram Paudyal, on issues raised by the PM's visit. Paudyal opined that nothing miraculous will be seen in near future. He said that Thinley's verbal assurance to resolve the refugee issue will remain as it is. According to him, the refugees will see nothing in action. However, changes around the world indicate that Bhutan will not remain intact forever, he said [...]

Social Media: Facebook revolts from Tunisia to Bhutan

As per an open request posted in his blog by Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay on February 14, a person called Kinley Shering has started "amend the tobacco control act" in one of the most powerful media, the facebook. As of Sunday, the group has 244 members, including the OL and executive director [...]

My Explanation on Tobacco Control Act

BY JIGMI Y THINLEY: The Tobacco Control Act and the sentencing of former monk, Sonam Tshering, have been blown out of proportion. I sympathize with the sentiments of the people who are affected by the severity of the sentence and believe that it is important to provide a clear perspective on the issue. What has been overlooked by the media and some sections of the Bhutanese population is that the Tobacco Control Act, introduced in the National Council (NC) by the Ministry of Health, debated in both the NC and the National Assembly (NA) was enacted by parliament with all members of the NC having voted in [...]

PM Thinley praises Lanka’s peace process

Lauding the ongoing peace process, Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinely, who reached in Sri Lanka on Saturday, expressed that terrorism will not rise again. PM...
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