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Tags Human rights situation in Bhutan

Tag: human rights situation in Bhutan

Forgotten in the land of GNH?

“Tsig zi tenpey lopen la, lama daktu ma zin na, Khi ye kewa ngabja lang.” “If you do not consider a teacher, even if he...

Real sense of human rights is absent

The real sense of human rights exists only on paper post 2008. The regime applies human rights discriminately. The human right is upheld if it pleases. However we have to admit slight lee way is granted in terms of freedom of press. The real sense of democracy is absent, so the real sense of human rights is also absent.We irrespective of our stay in exile or inside country must struggle together to bring genuine changes tearing current façade of ‘democracy’. Change is inevitable in life. But we must work together to bring this inevitable changes favorable to us.
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