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Tag: exiled Bhutanese

Being of Bhutan

N.B.Giri : The Bhutanese Lhotshampas form the integral community of Bhutan, both in theory and practice. The Ngalungs are immigrants from Tibet, who had settled...

Bhai Tika celebrated in camps

Exiled  Hindus from Bhutan celebrated Bhai Tika, the last and last day of Tihar, the festival of lights, in all six camps, Friday. Marking Bhai...

Artists rock PA, website launched

Exiled Bhutanese artists have rocked Pennsylvania in the United States of America with a historical musical night at the William Pitt Union Hall here...

Conversation with Chief District Officer of Jhapa

Tulasha Ghimire presents a report on exiled Bhutanese. Indra Adhikari has an analysis on cultural orientation for those going to Australia.In the last part,there...
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