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Tags Dr. Madhurima Bhadra

Tag: Dr. Madhurima Bhadra

Bhutanese community has made me a better person: Dr Bhadra

The Bhutanese community and their donor agencies are certain to lose a dynamic leadership of Dr Madhurima Bhadra, Project Director of the Primary Health Care Project for Bhutanese Refugees (PHCP-BR), following her resignation from the post. Several have doubted that Dr Bhadra has been forced by the Association of Medical Doctor for Asia (AMDA) Nepal to tender her resignation despite her strong desire to continue leading a medical team for the exiled Bhutanese, but BNS was unable to immediately verify this from the AMDA Nepal. However, it has been revealed that another staff at the same Project has also been disgraced since the AMDA Nepal has already announced vacancy of his post along with Dr Bhadra's without informing him about this. Vidhyapati Mishra on last Friday talked to Dr Bhadra on various issues including the actual reason behind her resignation and her two-year-long attachment with the exiled community. Excerpts [...]

K-bari sees ‘avoidable’ death

In yet another instance of "avoidable death", Bhagiman Gurung, 40, of sector C-1 hut no 49 of Khudunabari camp died Thursday morning at 7:30...

Discussion on death of a patient in Khudunabari

In the first half, you will listen to a conversation with Bhanu Dhungana, Camp Secretary of Khudunabari camp on the latest health issue and...
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