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Tags DNC-democratic

Tag: DNC-democratic

The Gyalpoizhing Verdict

The very name of the place, “GYALPOI ZHING” is elusive as it has geo-political connotation since time immemorial. ‘Gyalpoi’ means the King’s and ‘Zhing’...

Our demography and strategic planning

This is in reference to “Bhutan’s On-line Kuensel” reporting on-“Population Control 16 July, 2011-Should Bhutanese couples be encouraged to have only two children?” Under the...

Bhutan’s atrocities vs resettlement

It sometimes traumatizes people who were the eyewitnesses and victims of the oppressive regime that launched the merciless crackdown first on the Lhotshampas followed by Sharchops community. The resettlement program has given the community not only relief from the throbbing life under bamboo huts, but also gives an opportunity for their children to be educated in the western world and equip themselves for a better future both in terms of political and economic strength so that they could be well equipped to shoulder the greater responsibility of carrying out the mission of true democracy and development in Bhutan. It is a matter of high appreciation to the core countries [...]

DNC marks 17 foundation day; calls India to resolve refugee issue

The Druk National Congress (DNC), which was founded in 1994 under the leadership of Rongthong Kunley Dorji, said it celebrated its 17th foundation day...

Dorji agrees to lead struggle

President of Druk National Congress (DNC), RK Dorji, who is in Nepal after his extradition case was rejected by Delhi High Court, has been...
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