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We are all neighbors: Photographer documents history of new Ohioans

When immigrants flocked to the United States over a hundred years ago, their first point of entry was Ellis Island in New York. That history...

Momos as cultural ambassador: Subedi’s food truck about to roll

Not very long ago, the average meal in Charlotte, North Carolina was likely to center around fare traditional to the southern region of the...

Bhutanese observe Tihar festival

Bhutanese have marked Tihar, one of the biggest festivals, with various programs across the world, BNS correspondents reported. Resettled Bhutanese in some States have organized public gathering to mark the festival while in most of the States Bhutanese observed the festival on their own temporary houses, apartments.

Religious practice sees new trend in Diaspora

Deviating sharply from the aged-old tradition of performing rituals, the Bhutanese resettled in Adelaide experienced a ‘new practice’ initiated by one of the families...
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