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My pantheon – destroyed for happiness

The building arts, more than any other forms of material cultures are intrinsically site oriented and speak the volume of facts. This house was an old residence, well built and somewhat ornately decorated. It had a simple rectangular plan and the house stood elegantly on a rectangular rubble stone plinth of about two feet orienting in east-west direction that responded friendly with the climate. It had two feet thick rubble stone masonry walls, mortared and plastered with mud to give the surface a better finishing. East the main facade was given emphasized by elements and its design. The front canopy had free style three paired wooden post, detailed with ornamentation at the upper half that held the beam taking the super-load from above [...]

BNS journo Timsina in Canada mourns mother’s death

Laxmi Maya Timsina, mother of Indra Timisha and BNS Canada correspondent, has passed away at the age of 78 on Friday at 10 am...

National Assembly is almost workless

Nov 18: The National Assembly secretariat has rejected many issues proposed to be discussed at the parliament session set to begin on Friday in...
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