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Tags Corruption in Bhutan

Tag: corruption in Bhutan

The Gyalpoizhing Verdict

The very name of the place, “GYALPOI ZHING” is elusive as it has geo-political connotation since time immemorial. ‘Gyalpoi’ means the King’s and ‘Zhing’...

TI ranks Bhutan as least corrupt country in South Asia

Bhutan has been ranked as the least corrupt country in South Asia. Nepal is the second most corrupt country in South Asia after Afghanistan...

4000 police force is vigilant: CoP Namgyel

Globally, most corruption and crime related issues are linked to development, expressed Chief of Police (CoP) Kipchu Namgyel on Thursday. Namgyel reiterated that there is...

Corruption increases

Nov 18: The Anti Corruption Commission said misuse of authority, abuse of pubic fund for private gains, embezzlement, nepotism and collusion are some of...
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