Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Tags Contribution of heroes

Tag: Contribution of heroes

Remembering our great heroes

It is still a sad thing that none of the seniors or leaders have shown up for the research-based documentation of the contribution made by late Mahasur. I would be unfair if I limit the heroic works with Mahasur alone. There are hundreds of Mahasurs, whose contribution and philosophy should be materialized into practice, especially if we are serious in boosting our call for ‘real’ democracy in Bhutan. A good start is never a late start, thus, what BNS decided to do now, to document the contribution of Mahasur, adequately proves that media mirrors the society’s image. Hats-off BNS! We would be cordially coordinating with you to accomplish this great mission, in whatever ways possible. Not only Mahasur’s, let’s also try to dig out the contribution made by other Bhutanese heroes at different times.
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