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Registration of pending cases will take time : CDO Shrestha

Chief District Officer of Jhapa district, Sashi Shekar Shrestha, said the third country resettlement has contributed to some extend in effective management of the camps as the population is reduced by one-third. According to him, even livelihood in camps has increased. Shrestha expressed that more economic activities are fostering along with the resettlement. However, he is of the opinion that keeping all seven camps with little population will be problematic in long run. He said discussion on merging camps into one or two for their effective management is underway. In an interview with Vidhyapati Mishra of Bhutan News Service, CDO shrestha said

Bhutanese observe Tihar festival

Bhutanese have marked Tihar, one of the biggest festivals, with various programs across the world, BNS correspondents reported. Resettled Bhutanese in some States have organized public gathering to mark the festival while in most of the States Bhutanese observed the festival on their own temporary houses, apartments.

Dasain celebration kicks off in Bhutan

Bhutanese monarch has given a little ease to its Hindu community  by allowing them to celebrate their greatest festival Dasain 2067 BS at the...

Separated by Resettlement

Devika Pradhan rises early each morning to stoke the open flame of her cooking fire, boiling enough tea for her three grown children still asleep in the next room of their bamboo hut. At the time, the growing population of southern Bhutanese, who are mostly Hindu and of Nepali origin, was viewed by the Bhutanese Government as a threat to the nation's traditionally Buddhist society. Using threats, imprisonment, and torture, the Bhutanese regime coerced the refugees into leaving. 8,000 miles away in Carl City, Minnesota—literally the other side of the world—her fourth child Jeeban, 22, rolls out of bed around the same time, microwaves an old cup of coffee, and catches a city bus from his apartment to the restaurant where he works.

UNHCR report says 2009 worst year for voluntary repatriation

The Global Trends Report published by the UNHCR outlines that the number of people repatriating voluntarily has fallen to its lowest while those uprooted...

Australian government acknowledges Bhutanese contribution

Feb 8,Adelaide: Bhutanese Australians are excited  when government acknowledged their small contribution for the Victoria bushfire victims. In the official Summer newsletter published by...

Resettled Bhutanese become a part of Australia Day celebration

Adelaide, Jan 27: Ex-refugees from Bhutan, resettled in Adelaide, participated in the Australia Day celebration by joining the parade in the city, yesterday. Clad neatly...
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