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Tags Bhutanese king

Tag: Bhutanese king

The Silent Cost of Shangri-La? The Human Rights Controversy in Bhutan

For many in the Western Buddhist world, Bhutan has become a quasi-mythical land. Bhutan is an officially Buddhist Kingdom with ties to internationally popular...

Serving Bhutan with full dedication & integrity

On the occasion of the 105th National Day, it gives me much happiness to address our People of the 20 dzongkhags. This National Day is...

HUROB felicitates King

Thursday, October 13, in Bhutan, is going to be a day of significance—it is the wedding day of the world’s youngest King, Jigme Khesar...

The 0ther gross side of Bhutan

Repressive regimes everywhere employ torture on political prisoners to both extract information and to weaken the dissent. From the notorious Abu Ghraib in Iraq...
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