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Tags Bhutanese Journalists

Tag: Bhutanese Journalists

BNS as a virtually run, but powerful media

The all-volunteer Bhutan News Service hosted a training session in Pittsburgh last weekend.  Exiles from Bhutan make up the largest population of refugee newcomers to...

Truth of the matter

Over the past few days a process rarely seen unfolded itself. On March 22, only six weeks ago, the Goldhap and Sanischare refugee camps in Jhapa and Morang districts of Nepal were struck by separate fire mishaps that happen there frequently during the Nepal dry season. Only this time on a devastating scale leaving the Goldhap camp destroyed for 90% and the Sanischare camp for around 20%. Over 5,000 refugees living in an extremely vulnerable position were, again, victimized. Exiled from Bhutan by ethnic cleansing twenty years ago they still live in dire conditions in those two districts [...]

YFC conducts three-day journalism training

The Youth Friendly Center (YFC) organised a three-day long journalism training from May 5 – 7. Facilitated by Dutch writer and documentary maker Alice Verheij,...

Becoming a journalist in exile

Nepalese Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara has assured to provide recognition to Bhutanese journalists in exile who have been publishing newspapers,...
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