Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Tag: bhutanese in norway

Preserving culture in Diaspora

In the first part, you will listen to Norway-Bhutanese talking about their effort for keeping up with the culture while the second part features...

Bhutanese safe in Norway catastrophe

No Bhutanese is reported to have been harmed or killed in Oslo bombing and in indiscriminate shooting on Utøya. The nearest Bhutanese apartment lies...

Conceiving new hopes in culture

Hardly anyone can believe that finally he made it after traveling nearly 2,000 miles from Denmark to Norway. The problem, though sounded tough initially,...

Bhutanese in Norway participate in National Day Celebration

Resettled Bhutanese people in Norway participated in National Day Celebration programs organised in different parts of the country today. For the first time after being...

Incident affects nat’l day, local sends wishes (UPDATE)

Coinciding their national day, May 17, the Norwegian locals in Alta Kummune have extended their “wishes” for the earliest recovery of three Bhutanese children drowned in the beach on Sunday
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