Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Tag: Bhutanese in Missouri

Living with the American liver

Undoubtedly, the third country resettlement program has added joys to majority of the Bhutanese refugees resettled in various developed countries. As resettled refugees enrich themselves in the country of resettlement, many of their friends and relatives back in camps in Nepal still fear to opt for the resettlement package. Veteran DK Karki, who demonstrated his political caliber in the early stage of camp settlement in Nepal as an active cadre of the Bhutan People's Party was never willing to leave camp to settle in western countries. When most of his contemporary friends involved in the party-politics in exile vanished one after the other grasping such opportunities in various occasions, Karki remained rigid with the opinion that Nepal would be the best place to fight against the Bhutanese suppression [...]
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