Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Tag: Bhutanese citizens

This is why I am voting

These days, Bhutan calls itself a democratic country. The prime minister of Bhutan recently wrote a letter to a U.S. Senator claiming that we never belonged to that land, and that we should not be called ‘Bhutanese’.

The Silent Cost of Shangri-La? The Human Rights Controversy in Bhutan

For many in the Western Buddhist world, Bhutan has become a quasi-mythical land. Bhutan is an officially Buddhist Kingdom with ties to internationally popular...

On people’s forgotten story

The King of Bhutan, with implicit support and tacit understanding of the Govt. of India, dared to evict one hundred thousand bona-fide Bhutanese of...

Literary Council of Bhutan announced as diaspora reshapes NSPB

In a bid to promote language and literature of Nepali-speaking Bhutanese people through an integrated approach, Literary Council of Bhutan has been announced, Saturday. Bhutanese...
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