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Newly resettled girl dies in car accident in TX

Manju Rai, who was resettled in Dallas, Texas just around five months ago from Beldangi-II Refugee Camp in Nepal, died in a fatal car...

The ‘Mission Pittsburgh’ completes

The three-days long national level workshop entitled 'The Mission Pittsburgh' of the Bhutan News Service (BNS) successfully completed  in Pittsburgh, PA on Oct 13. The...

The settlement turned into ashes in an hour

My body trembled. My ears alerted towards reverberating sounds in the vicinity; difficult enough to figure out the actual sources and directions. There seemed...

We want justice

Throughout the period of history from their first entry into Bhutan, the Lhotshampas have contributed a lot for the socio-economic development of the kingdom....

Thimphu’s strategy to disown its responsibilities

Thimphu has been strategic in handling New Delhi and Kathmandu and suppressing the voices from within the country. To continue the reign from within...

Editing Rizal’s Jail Journal

BY DEEPAK ADHIKARI : It was drizzling and the night was pitch-dark. We walked in silence. As they marched, the constables’ boots pounded on the road, its sound penetrating deep into our ears. At times, the stones tossed off by the boots hit on my ankles causing severe pain. Worse, the guards with their heavy boots, recklessly pounded on my feet. Failing to keep pace with the marching soldiers would fetch me extra penalty. So, I struggled to move my shackled legs as quickly as I could. The constantly blowing wind further exasperated the precariousness of our journey.Drenched to the skin and chilled to the bone, I stumbled along the slippery road. The sole voices echoing in my ears were waves of the river Wangdichhu generating its own rhythmic noise

A Culture of Appreciation

Even before the existence of any agencies, and while their counterparts were busy looking for a better opportunity to shape their lives, this group of noble people sat down in a corner of a small hut in Maidhar and started writing their mission. They knew nothing favored them, but they fought hard. Their dedication and unity paid them off. They accomplished their mission. I am talking about none other than the small group of people who started the education system in the refugee camp. It was long after the institution was set up that they were assured of some help by any agency. One can logically argue that education would have started anyway, and I agree, but would not have been possible until two years time from then.

The Struggling Journey

While I was listening to my uncle’s story, my subconscious mind started flying with lost hopes of despair; I could clearly realize my future distorting and my mind went blank for a couple of minutes. I collected strength and started talking again. I tried from my end to convince them to withdraw the form, but the type of situation they were in –that does not need a mention here – I think I was too young to understand the depth of it. We set the date, for it could not be before the 18th of December, as it took some time for my transition and more over I was leaving permanently everything.

Britain to learn GNH tactics from Bhutan

The British government is poised to join the Kingdom of Bhutan and a handful of other countries in attempting to officially monitor happiness, the...

‘Life in United Kingdom is challenging’

KN Pokhrel, who was resettled in the United Kingdom on August 9 this year in the first lot of the third country resettlement to England, said that life in Manchester is getting bit getting accustomed to live in a different environment. Like other resettlement countries, the United Kingdom is also challenging for the exiled Bhutanese, who have reached there to begin new life. However, he expressed that his resettlement didn't go as per the destination map given by the IOM. In an interview with Ramesh Gautam of Bhutan News Service from Norway, Pokhrel commented that they were supposed to be resettled in Manchester City under Greater Manchester but the things went different and were settled in different towns under Greater Manchester region
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