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Tags Beldangi-II Extension

Tag: Beldangi-II Extension

Longtime school teacher passes away in ND

Bhakti Prasad Pokhrel, a longtime teacher of Bhutanese students, who served the Bhutanese community as a teacher for 34 years, passed away on December...

Murder-accused Sah arrested; situation normalizes in Beldangi

Beldangi-II and Extension, which remained tensed for a few hours this evening, have turned into normal situation following intervention from Nepal Police and camp-based...

Bhutan refugee Ram Rai says thanks, U.S.A.

After living for more than 20 years in a refugee camp in Nepal, Ram Rai is very happy to be settled here. “We had nothing there. I want to thank America for giving us a chance to start a new life,” the 30-year-old man said during a recent interview at Lutheran Social Services of New England, where he is a caseworker. “We are struggling, but hopefully we can pass through this phase and make a contribution to America.” Rai, whose family moved from Nepal to Bhutan four generations ago, was among the ethnic Nepali driven from Bhutan about 20 years ago. The government was bent on having a “one people, one nation policy,” he says.
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