Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Tag: Arjun Pradhan

Joy of being Gates scholar

In the first part, you can listen to Ichha presenting Bhutan coverage followed by a conversation with singer Dawa Tamang moderated by Arjun Pradhan...

One sustains critical injury in Minnesota

A resettled Bhutanese in Saintpaul of Minnesota State in USA has sustained critical injury when a speedy car hit the pedestrian while crossing the...

Separated by Resettlement

Devika Pradhan rises early each morning to stoke the open flame of her cooking fire, boiling enough tea for her three grown children still asleep in the next room of their bamboo hut. At the time, the growing population of southern Bhutanese, who are mostly Hindu and of Nepali origin, was viewed by the Bhutanese Government as a threat to the nation's traditionally Buddhist society. Using threats, imprisonment, and torture, the Bhutanese regime coerced the refugees into leaving. 8,000 miles away in Carl City, Minnesota—literally the other side of the world—her fourth child Jeeban, 22, rolls out of bed around the same time, microwaves an old cup of coffee, and catches a city bus from his apartment to the restaurant where he works.

Exiled youths join Maiti Nepal for awareness

Dozen of Bhutanese youths from Beldangi-I camp have been staging street drama on domestic violence and violence on children at various places of Nepal-India...
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