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Conversation with DK Khapung

The first part features news from camps by Tilak Niraula followed by a report on the lastest statistics of resettlement. The second part is...

Britain to learn GNH tactics from Bhutan

The British government is poised to join the Kingdom of Bhutan and a handful of other countries in attempting to officially monitor happiness, the...

‘Life in United Kingdom is challenging’

KN Pokhrel, who was resettled in the United Kingdom on August 9 this year in the first lot of the third country resettlement to England, said that life in Manchester is getting bit getting accustomed to live in a different environment. Like other resettlement countries, the United Kingdom is also challenging for the exiled Bhutanese, who have reached there to begin new life. However, he expressed that his resettlement didn't go as per the destination map given by the IOM. In an interview with Ramesh Gautam of Bhutan News Service from Norway, Pokhrel commented that they were supposed to be resettled in Manchester City under Greater Manchester but the things went different and were settled in different towns under Greater Manchester region

UML chief stresses for peaceful movement

Chairman of CPN-UML, Jhala Nath Khanal, on Wednesday opined that exiled Bhutanese should try to fight for their repatriation and democracy through peaceful means...

Bhutan refugee Ram Rai says thanks, U.S.A.

After living for more than 20 years in a refugee camp in Nepal, Ram Rai is very happy to be settled here. “We had nothing there. I want to thank America for giving us a chance to start a new life,” the 30-year-old man said during a recent interview at Lutheran Social Services of New England, where he is a caseworker. “We are struggling, but hopefully we can pass through this phase and make a contribution to America.” Rai, whose family moved from Nepal to Bhutan four generations ago, was among the ethnic Nepali driven from Bhutan about 20 years ago. The government was bent on having a “one people, one nation policy,” he says.

People without a nation

Although two of the ministers in the first elected democratic government of Bhutan are of Nepali origin, many people of Nepali origin who still live in Bhutan whisper about the injustices. The stringent rule for jobs, where a no-objection certificate (NOC) is mandatory is one such example. If any member of the family was ever involved in any anti-government (read anti-monarchy) activity, you will not get the NOC. The vague definitions of such activities, left for the interpretation of local authorities at their own discretion, further makes things difficult for people like Shyam Bahadur Darnal. A taxi driver dressed in the traditional ‘national dress’ – Gho or Bakkhu – welcomes me to Bhutan. He introduces himself as Shakti Gurung. A mixed stream of emotions churns inside me with the soothing breeze and altered landscape. Had I not visited the ‘refugee camp’ in Jhapa district of Nepal just a few days ago, I would also have taken the beauty at face value like many tourists in Bhutan.

CDO asks to withdraw sit-in protest, assured registration

Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Yadav Prasad Koirala, Monday asked all the agitation Bhutanese to end up their ongoing relay hunger strike. Koirala requested a...

Injured Subba stable, nine arrested

Saha Bir Subba, who received a bullet on his chest  Friday evening in Beldangi-I shootout, is stable, doctors reported. According to his family source, doctors...

Akron Bhutanese observe final rituals of Bishnu Nepal

The funeral ceremony of 9-year-old Bishnu Kumar Nepal, who died drowning into a lake this week, was observed in a local cremation center in Akron, Ohio. Photo courtesy: FamilyThree hours long funeral process ended Monday evening, Amber Subba told Bhutan News Service from there

Incident affects nat’l day, local sends wishes (UPDATE)

Coinciding their national day, May 17, the Norwegian locals in Alta Kummune have extended their “wishes” for the earliest recovery of three Bhutanese children drowned in the beach on Sunday
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