Syracuse communities celebrate WRD


Different refugee groups residing in Syracuse, NY observed this year’s World Refugee Day (WRD) amidst a grand function, Saturday.

The Bhutanese community members in the WRD parade

The celebration began at around 10.30 AM from the premises of North Side CYO with a parade to the City Hall. Representatives from different communities addressed the WRD, majority of them calling for happiness and well being of people.

Addressing the mass, the Mayor of Syracuse, Stephanie Miner proclaimed that now onwards WRD will be observed as an annual day in Syracuse. She also told the refugee groups to call them “Syracuse” instead of refugees.

Hari Bangalay, the President of the Bhutanese Community of Syracuse (BCS) called on the unity among different communities. He further stressed that BCS will be always committed to work with other Syracuse residents and different refugee communities to make Syracuse a safe and secure place to live in.

At the Hannover Square, different refugee communities presented their unique songs and dances, and typical food items.The Bhutanese Nepali population presented two dances, and two types of delicious food-Samosa and Chowmin that were highly enjoyed by the other residents.

The program that was conducted jointly by Refugee Assistance Program, Catholic Charities, Interfaith Works Center for New Americans, The White Branch Library and The Northside Urban Partnership was attended by over one thousand Syracuse residents.

The WRD 2012 has carried a global theme ‘one refugee forced to flee is too many’.


  1. Why bhutanese people in the united states do not understand the meaning of Butan’s flag? Why still people do carry Bhutan’s flag in conferences and cultural shows? It really does not say anything about “Nepali speaking populaion”. It symbolizes only buddhist population, particularly “Drukpas”. This is what Royal Government of Bhutan has interpereted its meanig, “The orange represents the Drukpas monasteries and Buddhist religion, and the orange/ yellow symbolizes the secular authority of the dynasty.” If you agree that yellow color symbolized secular autherity of the dynesty, why we ended up leaving the country? It is senseless to hold the Butan’s flag’s in the united States of America. Please stop this trend.
    Thank you
    Uen Dorji Wankchuck

  2. Ugen Ji,
    You have expressed your freedom of expression, what thousands like you are not able to do. What a nice and powerful way of flowing your emotions of bitter reality. WHat you said is 100 % right. Keep opening!
    Mishra from Dagapela