Suspect arrested, charged in Tamang’s murder

Corey Hardison (Picture courtesy :

Akron police arrested and charged 21-year-old homeless man in connection to another man’s murder on Blaine Avenue over the weekend.

Corey Hardison (Picture courtesy :

Corey Hardison, 21, faces murder and felonious assault charges after a man was found dead in his car.

Police said Hardison shot Karma Tamang, 35, in the head in the 500 block of Blaine Ave. on Saturday night.

The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office said Tamang was found slumped in his car around 1:30 a.m. and died hours later at Akron City Hospital.

Hardison’s arraignment was scheduled for Wednesday in Akron Municipal Court. His case will likely be bound over to Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Akron police said Hardison is currently in the Summit County Jail on unrelated charges.

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  1. Everyone is innocent until they are proven guilty. He should always be considered innocent till the very last minute until the respected bench of judges rules out the verdict for charges charged against him. If this gentlemen is given the verdict by the court for those charges described above ,capital punishment is what he deserves. The monstrous act of assasinating innocent people in our sacred homeland is always unacceptable. Thanks to all the dedicated branches of law enforcement for acting within minutes to bring perpetrator to justice. If everything would be carried out as per my wish I would cut him into 100 thousand pieces and feed to hungry aquatic animals residing deep down in our oceans.

  2. grimm hopson,
    To whom is the rumbling prose intended? What makes you think that Rome should exist in every one, turning them into real hypocrites? Is it the victim or the criminal you chided? Both ways it is out of hinge.

    I agree with Anthony Gillberd.