Students begin Refugee Herald monthly


A group of young students from various camp schools have started a monthly newspaper – The Refugee Herald (TRF) since January 14.

The second edition of TRH

Published on mid of every month, the newspaper aims to “inform uneducated parents through their students,” according to its Editor Khem Prasad Dahal, who is pursuing his higher secondary education.

“We printed 500 copies in our first edition. We have double the number this month following encouraging supports from schoolteachers and students,” said he.

We have never thought that our senior media persons, Manager of Bhutan Media Society Vidhyapati Mishra and Chief Executive of Media Network Bhutan Mona Rath Pokhrel, would accept our proposal to be in the editorial team, he added.

Mishra and Pokhrel are Chief Editor and Managing Editor for the paper respectively.

The paper aims to disseminate student-friendly contents keeping proper balance on issues related to Bhutan, camps and resettlement.

A British charity HWH has supported the publication for two months, according to Editor Dahal.

“We’ll sell our paper to students and teachers to meet our publication costs.”


  1. There were many news papers published in the camps in past days.There were English and Nepali weekly, Biweekly and monthly newspapers,however all those news papers were stopped after some publications.The main reason for disappearing those papers were, no readers.Bhutanese people have no interest in reading news papers and collecting the recent, updated news.Different forum and organizations had tried their best to continue to publication,but they were not succeed to find the readers and even not succeed to collect the money after news papers sold.I was also the news reporter in 3 different news papers.I was also given the responsibility to sale papers and make new readers,but all my hard works went in zero. I didn’t find regular readers.So this is the problem in Bhutanese society.People are not interested, youths are not interested,educated youths are not interested.I will fully support to the publisher of The Refugee Herald for their best job. Good job guys.

  2. Great initiative. Congratulations to the whole (The refugee Herald’s) team for their hard work and ofcourse for this noble work. I hope this monthly newspaper could help to inform the camp people and others about the daily happenings in the camps and around. I wish all the team good luck for its future succes.


    Ram Karki
    The Hague, Netherlands.

  3. I think it is not a good Journalistic practice to term a news paper 2nd Edition. It is relevant for a revised version of a literary book. We can instead say 2nd Issue. Edition may not be a relevant term here.

    If that is something we use in Journalism, I am learning now and thank you for teaching this to me !!

    It is a good approach and it is very needed, but I am woried about the continuity and regularity of this bulatine.